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Javier Sepulveda - 6 and 16 string guitars

Javier Sepulveda is a composer and accomplished guitarist, specializing in 6,7,14, and 16-string guitar. He is also the director and lead guitarist of Pulse of Nature, a multi-sensory experience that merges live performances of epic, original compositions with fantastical images of nature and the universe. When Pulse of Nature is performed in planetariums and Imax theaters, the best in cutting-edge imagery and visualization is combined with innovative live performances by musicians from all over the world. Javier proudly endorses GHS strings as well as Claas Guitars, Skervesen Guitars, Hipshot products, and Kirlin cable


Michael R. Mitchell - Bass guitars, Mandolin, Vocals

Ever dynamic Michael R. Mitchell covers the demanding role of John Paul Jones on bass guitar, mandolin, and harmonies. Mike is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist also playing Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone and Drums. 

On several national tours he has played in many styles including funk, rap metal, emo, and progressive rock, playing venues like CBGB's in New York and the 930 Club in D.C. He has appeared on over a dozen albums.

Chad Coonrod - Drums, Percussion


Chad Coonrod has spent the last 20 years drumming in bands. In Milwaukee & Chicago he toured and recorded CDs with Boneyard, Motormouth, the Fuel Injected Love Crickets and Engine Number 9.

In 1999 he moved to Denver playing with: Truth of the Matter (now The Incantations), 3rd Straight Loss, Phat Planet, Mercy Code and Man in the Box (Alice in Chains tribute band). In Denver he has played at the Gothic, Bluebird, Little Bear, Oriental Theater, Santé Fe Theater, and Sunny Side Music Festival, to name a few.

Sonya Surrett AKA "Sonni Blue" - Lead Vocals/ Background Instrumentation

Sonya began her musical journey when her father bought her a Tama drumset in 12th grade.  This fueled her fire to join Drum Corp and tour the states and Canada with other young musicians.  She learned piano at a young age and has written and recorded numerous originals, over the years, with some of Denver's finest musicians.  After moving to Denver, Sonya has played drums and been a vocalist in both Rock and Acoustic bands such as, Dreamboat Annie (Colorado's Premiere Heart Tribute Band), Profusion, Blue Phoenix, Don't Tell Mama, and was the long time drummer and vocalist for the Rock Doctors, for 7 years.  Recently, Sonya has done some drum studio work for Trick Pickle Studios For an Indie Radio project.  When given the opportunity to work with Zeppephilia, Sonya jumped at the chance to sing the music she loves with these amazing musicians.  With her ability to play multiple instruments, she is excited to bring more than just a vocal performance to all the Zepp Heads out there!  For our audience, Sonya's main focus is to bring emotion and amazement to the music we do and to create beautiful memories to last a lifetime! 

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